"Don’t honor these fallen officers/dirtbags. When your family members die, they just see you as extra overtime at a crime scene and at a perimeter. Why would you value their lives when they clearly don’t value yours or your family members lives? I’ve heard many officers who state they see dead victims as ATV’s, Waverunners, RV’s and new clothes for their kids. Why would you shed a tear for them when they in return crack a smile for your loss because of the impending extra money they will receive in their next paycheck for sitting at your loved ones crime scene of 6 hours because of the overtime they will accrue. They take photos of your loved ones recently deceased bodies with their cellphones and play a game of who has the most graphic dead body of the night with officers from other divisions. This isn’t just the 20 something year old officers, this is the 50 year old officers with significant time on the job as well who participate."

— Expert from Christopher Dorner’s Manifesto


complex /adj., –adjective

so complicated or intricate as to be hard to understand or deal with

thoughtful //
creative //
destructive //
cruel //

"Tawbut nee Gunci Mundo.
Mundo Wigo."

"Thank you, Great Spirit.
The Creator is good."


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